European Home Multi-Burner

Demand has steadily increased to have a gas fire that looked like a log fire with logs that glowed and flames which looked more real. Customers want the convenience of a gas fire with the look of a Real fire without the mess. Element4 has been at the forefront of pushing this technology and now they have fires with probably the most realistic flame picture in the market. A Real Flame burner creates the log fire effect and gives a heightened flame picture and look. Flames curling around a log are far more realistic and with Element4’s unique ability to turn off different burners the fires are still extremely controllable.

So, what has been the result of the launch of Real Flame burners. We have seen a massive shift from flat burners to Real Flame fires and so now 98% of all customers demand the realism of logs – a far cry from the days when we sold fires with pebbles and stones. Realism has won through, and European Home is delighted that Element4 has been there to lead the way.

Summum 140 by Element4 Demonstrating their Real Flame Burner Technology: