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Convection Air Opening Trims (Optional)

Convection air opening trims are fitted into the chase to release heated air back into the room. Air openings are required; however, these aesthetic trims are optional. Air opening dimensions vary by model.

Designer Interiors

Element4 offers Designer Interiors to suit any design style – the choice is completely up to you.

Anthracite (Standard)

Black Reflective Glass (Optional)

Concrete Style (Optional)Club Series: Concrete style interior panels available for modern gas fireplaces.


* Please Note * Concrete Style interior is NOT available in the following models:

Cupido 50 and 70

Modore 75H and 100H

Summum 70-F, 70-C, and 70-3S

Summum 100-F, 100-C, and 100-3S

Sky, Sky M, Sky T, and Sky TM


Designer Interior – Rustic Brick

Available only in the Modore 100H model as well as the Modore 75H. This faux brick interior gives your fireplace a more traditional look while still maintaining it’s clean and modern style.