You don’t need official research data to know that sitting by a fire is a pleasurable experience, especially in winter when it’s dark and cold out. But, did you know watching a fire can lower your blood pressure?

According to a November 2014 Huffington Post article, researchers at the University of Alabama asked 226 adults to watch a video of a fireplace and took their blood pressure before and after.

“The researchers found an average of a five percent decrease in blood pressure among participants who watched the fire with sound,” wrote Huffington Post’s Carolyn Gregoire. “The longer they watched the fire, the more relaxed they became. Among control groups who watched the fire with no sound and who viewed an upside-down picture of fire, blood pressure increased.”

We’re glad to hear research has shown that a fireplace has tremendous health benefits. Of course, we knew that all along.

Lucius140 by Element4

Lucius 140 by Element4

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