The Summum 100 F direct vent gas fireplace comes standard with the Real Flame Burner System.  This innovative burner solution creates the most realistic flame patterns available today as the burners are specially designed to wrap your flames around a detailed log set, just as you would see in a real wood-burning fire. It’s like having a modern campfire in your living room. This fireplace is created by Element4 and imported from the Netherlands by European Home.

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Click below for a PDF listing specifications, information, accessories, and, venting.

Summum 100 F Information Sheet

For the past decade, Element4 has been producing a wide range of stylish and contemporary gas fireplaces that have made their way around the globe. Based out of the Netherlands, it was in 2006 when Benno de Groot and Jan Kempers founded the business. From the beginning, they had intentions of becoming one of the most progressive manufacturers of gas fires in the world. They have always aimed for perfection, placing a strong focus on ease of use and excelling in a design that will enhance any interior.

Other Popular Models by Element4

Sky T See Through Fireplace

The Sky T is a vertical, direct vent gas fireplace that comes in at a stunning five feet tall.  Flickering flames and a see-through design create an intriguing architectural feature and will bring head-turning drama to any home or commercial space. Sky T Information Sheet

Modern gas fireplace. 3 sided fireplace. direct vent fireplace

The Trisore 95 is a stunning three-sided direct vent gas fireplace with clean, glass on glass, corners, and a beautiful robust flame pattern. This bay-style fireplace allows for your installation to have a modern and completely trimless finish so your focus stays on the flickering flames and off of the appliance itself.

Trisore 95 Information Sheet

The Cupido 70 is the answer for those who want the most innovative flame look but are tight on space. At 11 5/8 inches deep this is the slimmest gas fireplace on the market, perfect for older buildings and condos.

With a viewable area of 26 inches tall the Cupido 70 has a large view for such a small fireplace. The Real Flame burner system has multiple settings from roaring fire to a low glow to create your own flame picture.

Cupido 70 Information Sheet

peninsula fireplace. 3-sided fireplace. direct vent fireplace. modern gas fireplace

The Lucius 140 Room Divider is a stunning, direct vent, frameless peninsula fireplace. Featuring full glass on three sides, this model makes a beautiful statement in any home.

So what sets this fireplace apart? The Lucius 140 features designer trim, improved tube-style burners, and the E-Save Control System which can save up to 45% on fuel consumption, making for a stylish and efficient fireplace.

Lucius 140 Information Sheet

built-in fireplace. Modern Gas Fireplace. direct vent fireplace. flat fireplace. Element4.

The Modore 100H is a frameless, built-in single-sided direct vent gas fireplace with a tall opening. As with a traditional fireplace, the Modore’s height gives you a great view of the impressive flames on the warm, glowing log set.  Whether you want a clean contemporary finish or a more traditional hearth, this fireplace provides flexibility for a multitude of different styles.

Modore 100H Information Sheet