Fall is bittersweet.  No one wants to give up their summer sandals, but admit it, that first sweater-weather night feels oh so good.  Just as you bring warmth to your wardrobe, many folks think about bringing more warmth to their homes for the fall.  Check out these amazing design trends that will surely bring warmth and elegance to any space.

The Return of the Humble Desk

According to David A. Land, “the honeymoon period for working on your laptop in bed is officially over.”  Best of all, since we’ve done away with many of the cords and cables of our technological youth, the simple lines of a well-designed desk haven’t looked this good since people were using quill and ink to balance their checkbooks.


This desk pairs an almost architectural steel frame with a warm wooden top.

[Fearless] Accent Walls

The whole idea that your walls are an open canvas is may be only half true.  For starters, [most] canvases don’t come with crown molding or a couch shoved up against them.  For decades artists have been closely considering not only the message their art has on its own but also the context of the space in which the art hangs.  It’s about time homeowners follow suit. 

Does your wall have an interesting architectural element your art can respond to?  Perhaps your house or neighborhood has a rich history.  Consider how your decor can integrate those rich stories.  The beauty of art is that it’s dynamic and it can talk to the changing context of your home as opposed to simply ignoring it. 


Careful lighting is often overlooked but it’s essential for a sophisitcated, thoughtful accent wall.

Vertical Fireplaces

Yes, I work for a fireplace manufacturer.  Yes, this is the second fireplace you’ve seen in this post (still one more to come!) And yes, we’re a little biased.  But we also know our market well so who better to predict this sort of trend than us? 

Fireplaces and fall have gone together since fall was invented.  However, they’ve never looked like this before!  People have known about linear gas fireplaces for a couple years now… but the embers of a new vertical dawn are smoldering and ready, at any moment, to ignite! (okay no more fire puns, I promise).


The sheer verticality of the Sky T by Element4 naturally leads your eye up to the high ceiling diagonals in this modern living room.  Fireplace installation by Cite du Feu

Cedar (oh baby) Cedar.

Cedar is basically a super-material.  It can be used inside and out.  Many breeds are pitch and resin-free (so it’s ideal for accepting a multitude of finishes).  It’s biodegradable and, when grown and harvested sustainably, also renewable.  Best of all, it’s pretty and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Scratch that, what I meant to say was: It’s aesthetically enchanting with just a tinge of summer camp nostalgia sprinkled in for good measure.


Cedar clads the entire ceiling of this Modern prefab, making it a warm and inviting space.   Design by sagemodern





Posted by: Cory John Ploessl
Cory is the Marketing Manager for European Home.  He has an MFA in Sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  He writes about fireplace and modern design on the European Home Blog.

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