The featured speakers were on point, the booths were meticulously styled, and the design bloggers/influencers were all thumbs on fire with #dwellondesign.  Dwell on Design proved yet again why it is the premiere annual design show on the west coast.  However, no matter what new technology is introduced or which design icon is doing a book signing, the main draw remains the fully constructed prefab homes that grace the showroom floor year after year.

This year there was only one home but it did not disappoint.  Method Homes presented a custom prefab from their brand new Option Series, a design collaboration between Method and  Grouparchitect.  The house was thoughtfully staged by star interior designer Jennifer Farrell who utilized large, bold wall coverings and natural textures to create a truly organic modern experience.  The focal point of the main living space was a 5′ wide frameless modern fireplace by Netherlands-based fireplace designers, Element4.  The Modore 140, linear direct-vent fireplace, featured a unique concrete style interior for an added textural appeal.

Tour the home and take in some of the sights from Dwell on Design 2018.

Short video tour of the Option Series Prefab home designed by Method Homes and Grouparchitect.  


custom prefab home by method homes at the 2018 dwell on design conference at LA

Method Homes’ Option Series custom prefab.  

The Modore 140 by Element4: A stunning, frameless, modern fireplace at Dwell and Design 2018. 

bedroom designed by Jennifer Farrell designs at dwell on design 2018
Kid’s bedroom with fun graphic pops.  Designed by Jennifer Farrell. 


Organic Modern Bedroom at Dwell on Design

Large wall coverings with natural themes, rough-sawn wood end tables and warm fur-inspired area rugs: all the elements combined for an elegant organic modern aesthetic.

top design bloggers pose for a photo at Dwell on Design.

Top bloggers and design influencers were flown in from all around the country to take in the newest innovations. Here they stop for a quick group photo while on a private tour of the the prefab.




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