Needing inspiration for your home?  Look no further than European Home’s new lookbook: Fire & Modern Interior Design.  We have curated a beautiful collection of iconic modern design styles: from Scandinavian to Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse to Industrial.  The thread that ties it all together: each style spread features a European Home modern fireplace so you can see how truly adaptable, clean, modern design really can be.

European Home Look Book modern fireplace look book

The perfect coffee table book for the modern design enthusiast.  

Fire & Modern Interior Design offers design style overviews, iconic architectural examples, color palette tips, suggested materials, and accessories that will help you realize your ideal home.

Modern Scandanavian featuring the Tenore 240 by Element4

Sample Spread: Modern Scandinavian featuring the Tenore 240 by Element4

Request your free copy of European Home’s Fire & Modern Interior Design or check out the digital version below.
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