Modern fireplaces are a universal design element around the world.  On European Home’s Wescover page, you can see some of our favorite fireplace projects both near and far.

European Home on Wescover

Want to become a part of the community?  Check out Wescover today.

Whether it’s from one of our popular fireplace lines or custom designed, we’re excited to see our clients use European Home products in different spaces and styles.

With Wescover, we’re among a community of artists, designers, craftsmen, and interior designers dedicated to beautiful design.  On our product map you can see projects that involve our fireplaces, from the St. Gregory Hotel in Washington D.C. to the Buggy Works Renovation in Ohio.

European home on Wescover design directory

European Home’s Wescover profile.

On Wescover, you can find out more about any object in, or artist behind, a space’s unique aesthetic and style. See who we’re connected to and, if you already have a European Home fireplace (or designed a project featuring one), please send us a photo for our map!

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