Crawfish, fire media, street musicians, direct venting, gumbo… our week in New Orleans was a wonderful blur of creole and hearth cultures together at last!  The HPBExpo 2016 (Hearth, Patio and Barbecue) was an amazing success.  We were able to talk to many of our regional dealers, some new faces and many we have grown up in this industry alongside.  I invite you to peruse our booth, stay as long as you’d like, our products are European inspired, but our hospitality is straight Louisiana.



Holly Markham, Douglass Hills and Kevin Simpson chat with a dealer about what’s new with European Home. This is the sort of personalized face to face interactions we love about these events.



Set-Up Multi

The Build Out Process: sometimes you need to make a mess to make something look so clean.




Holly takes some well-dressed gentlemen to the ‘the patio’ for a chat




Special thanks to Promafour for donating materials for the booth.  Here we see it showcased in the Learning Center — a huge trade show hit.  Check out their Install Manual to learn more about this non-combustible casing system.




Special thanks to Skamol for donating materials for the booth. We loved the modern concrete feel of the material so much we didn’t even paint it!  Check out this awesome install video to learn more.




A Space to Test New Ideas: we installed multi-colored lights into the New Modore 185 to see how folks would respond. People loved it! Now we will refine the technology. More info to come.




The Sky T by Element4: shown here with our new app-based control system (available 09/16).  Truly the star of the show.




Posted by: Cory John Ploessl
Cory is the Marketing Manager for European Home.  He has an MFA in Sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  He writes about fireplace and modern design on the European Home Blog.

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