Among some of the top designs in the world today, the iconic Gyrofocus has continued to appear and leave its mark around the globe. As the first suspended, 360 pivoting fireplace, it became a groundbreaking style and design icon. Founder Dominique Imbert has taken this signature model to the next level, by adding a new color to the line. 

Introducing: Focus White!

Ergofocus wood fireplace with white modern finish

The white finish of the Ergofocus blends beautifully in this minimalist room where form and dramatic lines take center stage.

This bold new finish, created by Focus fireplaces, strays far from the ordinary. Clad in pristine white, these fireplaces bring a clean modern look to any space. Whether a fire is burning or not, these models radiate, bringing a sculptural brightness to any space.

Focus founder and designer Dominique Imbert explains how this color change gives the model such a distinct and pure appearance: “The play of light and shadow reflecting off the white surface lends the metallic body an airy lightness, transforming it into a veritable sculpture of light. It has an undeniable Mediterranean charm,” adds this Mediterranean designer with a wink.

suspended white fireplace

The white Gyrofocus adds a subtle yet striking centerpiece to this modern space.

There is a striking effect that is created by the contrast of the snow white surface to the fireplace’s matte black interior which creates the perfect backdrop to show off the glowing flames. Other Focus classics, such as the Bathyscafocus and Ergofocus, will also be offered with this fresh new look. 



Posted By: Jamie Nickerson

Jamie is a Marketing Intern at European Home. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Endicott College. She loves how digital media connects us with so many great designs all across the globe. “I love finding our fireplaces in beautiful places such as Australia, Norway and NYC- all from the comfort of my desk chair!”


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