Design has long been influenced by nature.  For our latest curated fire media mixes we looked to landscapes, near and far, for guidance.

Forest Path fire media landscape fire media realistic fire media themed fireplace ceramic wood

Forest Path:  Imagine you’re on a hike.  You’re on the Northern shoreline of Lake Superior deep in the woods.  Hardwood branches, colorful stones and the detritus of the forest floor crunch under a well-worn rubber heel.

Though you’ve lost the well beaten path, you can’t help but feel that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Tundra fire media clear glass fire media stone fire media log fire media log set fireglass

Tundra:  Few landscapes on earth are as beautiful or as unforgiving as the desolate expanse of the tundra.

Ice and speckled stone meet fire in an impossible dance, while you stay warm and safe from the comfort of your couch.


Fall Birch fire media burning birch media ceramic logs log set stone fire media rock fire media

Fallen Birch:  What is it about birch trees that feels so timeless?  Perhaps it’s because they have always jumped off the landscape painter’s canvas, standing out amongst the browns and muddled greens of the forest from afar.

Paper-white birch and textured stones lie on a bed of black coals and dark amber glass in this curated media mix celebrating natural contrasts.


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