For many, the ideal outdoor patio space once was simply: a wood deck, a plastic table and chairs, and maybe a Weber grill for the occasional hot dogs or pork chops.  While there is nothing wrong with this classic setup, outdoor living spaces are undoubtedly evolving. The J Series outdoor corner gas fireplace, the first of its kind, is the quintessential symbol of this shift to a more elegant outdoors.

J Series Corner, two sided, outdoor corner gas fireplace by European Home

Do Not Disturb Mode

In a tech-saturated world what better antidote is there than sitting under the night’s sky, glass of wine in hand, staring at the flickering flames of a modern outdoor fireplace?  


Why a Corner Fireplace?

This corner fireplace is a bold stylistic choice for the modern patio.  The J Series Corner features an asymmetrical design and a completely frameless configuration which activates your outdoor architecture in a way a classic fire-pit simply never could.

Quality modern fire media for European Home Fireplaces

The Devil is in the Details: J Series fireplaces come with your choice of these highly detailed fire media options.  From pacific blue fire glass to driftwood and textured stones.

Built to Last

Constructed of thick-gauge stainless steel in the heart of New England, this outdoor fireplace is built to stand up to the elements.  Speaking of the elements, at 76,000 BTU/hr the J Series is a wonderful heating source to curl up next to on a chilly fall evening.  

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Outdoor gas fireplace by European Home featuring stainless steel interior and large flames

In addition to our new corner model, J Series outdoor gas fireplaces are also available in single-sided and see-through models (shown above).



Check out the flames and beautifully detailed fire media of the J Series outdoor gas fireplace line.  


How to Buy

The J Series outdoor fireplace line is designed and manufactured in the United States by European Home. All of our luxury fireplace products are sold through our network of professional fireplace specialists.  Find one near you using our Dealer Locator tool.  These specialists can assist you with installation, finishing and will be a valuable resource for the lifetime of your outdoor gas fireplace.


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