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A modern corner fireplace, the Club 240H C features a bold, asymmetrical configuration with clean lines for a contemporary and sophisticated look.  Coming in at an impressive 8 feet wide, this fireplace instantly makes a statement.  

The Club Series gas fireplaces come standard with the innovative LED burner system. This system combines colorful LED lighting and fire, with a multitude of color options at your fingertips. 

In addition, this fireplace delivers exactly the right ambiance as the flame height, temperature and an LED illumination are all completely controllable via the included E-Save remote.  Take even more nuanced control by utilizing the intuitive ProControl App which also comes standard with all Club Series fireplaces.

Check out the LED burner video below to see it in action.

Click below for a PDF listing specifications, information, accessories, and, venting.

Club 240H C Information Sheet

The Club 240H C, modern corner fireplace, is produced by Element4 B.V., the award-winning fireplace manufacturer from the Netherlands, and is imported and distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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Light up the Night: Check out the Patented Ledburner© in Action

Burner System for the Club 240H C


The Club Series gas fireplaces come standard with the innovative Ledburner©. This burner forms a combination of LED lighting and fire, with no less than 7 different color options. This way you can fully adapt the fireplace to create the atmosphere you need at that moment. In addition, the fireplace delivers exactly the right amount of heat, because the flame picture, temperature, and LED lighting are optimally adjustable.


Element4 is the responsible fireplace company

With the multi-burner system and the eco-mode, you can enjoy your fireplace as a room heater and know that you are being as efficient as possible. Why use more gas than you need to? Why heat your whole house if you don’t have to? Area heating with great design, from a company that considers environmental issues. Some companies are ok to send the heat outside – not Element4 they are responsible when it comes to OUR environment.

Fire media.

LED Burner for Club Series

Available exclusively for the Club Series, introducing Ledburner© Technology. This efficient burner system offers a fully customizable fireplace experience thanks to adjustable LED lighting all controlled by the smart device already in your pocket. Moreover, your fireplace gives off exactly the right amount of heat as the flame height, temperature and the lighting are all optimally controllable.


Designer Interiors
Designer Interiors
10 Button Remote: Standard
10 Button Remote: Standard
Wall control unit for Element4 modern fireplaces
"Puck" Smart Wall Control: Optional
ProControl App that seamlessly operates your modern fireplace
ProControl App and WiFi Module
Home Automation Tablet
Home Automation (Connection Cable Only)
Convention Air Opening Trim
Convention Air Opening Trim
InvsiMesh Safety Screen
InvisiMesh Safety Screen (Standard)
Gas Type
Natural Gas
Heat Output (Natural Gas)
20,000 - 81,000 BTU/hr
Heat Output (LPG)
19,000 - 65,000 BTU/hr
Viewable Opening
93-3/4" W x 22-5/8" H
Please refer to the Installation Manual for more information
Approximate Fireplace Weight
551 lbs.
Requires 5" x 8" direct vent
Flame Adjustment
Standard Interior
Optional Designer Interiors
Reflective Black or Concrete Style (by request)
Remote Control
ProControl (App Control)
Fireplace Control Options
Puck Wall Control & Home Automation Cable
Electronic Ignition
ANSI Z21.11.50a-2008, CSA 2.22a-2008, CSA 9.4 - Vented Gas Fireplaces
Mass Approval Code