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The elegant form of the Ergofocus will bring beauty and warmth to any outdoor space. Not only is this floating, natural vent fireplace perfectly proportioned, but it also maximizes heat efficiency by allowing you to rotate the fire 360 degrees.  The blend of function and form makes the Ergofocus one of the most popular of Focus’ suspended outdoor fireplaces.

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Ergofocus Outdoor Information Sheet

With Focus’ new Augmented Reality App, you can easily visualize how this unit looks in your outdoor or patio space.  You can download this app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Augmented Reality App (free)

The Ergofocus hanging fireplace is hand-made by Focus Fires (France) and is distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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Retail price starting at $15,140
16 – 20 week lead time.
* Due to the current global situation lead times may vary.

Fuel Type
Unit Diameter
Viewable Opening
33" W x 11-1/2" H
Natural Vent - 8" Inside Diameter (Class A Pipe)
Anti-Corrosion Black (Standard) or Hematite Rust (Optional)