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The Neofocus widens the horizon of fire, letting the flames seek their liberty.

This flush to the wall fireplace’s talent lies in enlivening the flatness of a wall. Available in two sizes (60″ and 70″) this single-sided, modern wood fireplace combines timeless flames with sleek, modern lines.

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Neofocus Information Sheet

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The Neofocus is hand-made by Focus Fires (France) and is distributed by European Home for installations in North America.

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Neofocus 1500 – Retail price starting at $18,000
Neofocus 1800 – Retail price starting at $18,200

22 – 26 week lead time.
* Due to the current global situation lead times may vary.

“Mesmerizing flames, intoxicated by the wind and falling darkness.”

Dimensions above are for Neofocus 1500.  For 1800 Dimensions: Click Here

Fuel Type
Unit Width (1500)
Unit Width (1800)
Viewable Opening (1500)
13 3/4" H x 59" W
Viewable Opening (1800)
13 3/4" H x 71" W
Natural Vent - 12" Inside Diameter (Class A Pipe)
Interior Finish
Flat Black
UL 127-2011 (U.S.A.) & CSA ULC-S610-M87 (CAN) - Vented Wood Fireplaces
CO Output
0.09 %
Nominal Heat Output
7 KW
52.1 %

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