Focus Fires


This wall-mounted brazier serves up its flames like an enthusiastic waiter.
Its elegance, simplicity, and panache make the Sunfocus radiate style.
It can also be used as a barbecue

– Painted in matte black metalized steel

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Retail Price: $3,500

High Quality that Lasts

Focus outdoor barbeques and grills are just as beautiful as they are functional. When in use they can be considered kinetic art. The manufacturing process not only emphasizes beauty but quality and durability as well.

Products are made with 3mm steel which is often thicker than similar products on the market. The thickness of the steel ensures its durability over time. The steel is given a primary coat of Zinc and then sprayed with anti-corrosion paint. This means the product can withstand up to 750°F and have a 2-year guarantee.

When it comes to forming the metal, most manufacturers use a stamping process or press forming to shape the steel bowl and are assembled with obvious welded seems. Focus uses metal spinning over a custom wood mold that ensures the 3-dimensional stability of the steel. The assembly is done with invisible, grinded weld seems which makes their products look cleaner with superior quality and workmanship.

Focus barbecues and fire pits are made at Focus’ own factory in France, an industrial site that has been shaping steel since 1892. It allows Focus to enforce its high-quality standards and to retain its long-standing craftsmanship.

You can be assured that Focus grills and Barbeques are not only the most attractive but the highest quality on the market.

Fuel Type
Viewable Opening
37 1/2" W
Vent Free
Flat Black (Standard)
EC standard EN 1860-1

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