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The Quad Burner system by Element4 features five separate burners and four flames settings.  Now more than ever, you have complete control over your gas fireplace.  According to Jan Kempers, Founder of Element4, “This is a truly innovative burner in the world of gas fires. No other system can do this. If you turn on all five burners, you get an impressive flame spread over the entire width of the fireplace. This provides efficient space heating and looks like no other gas fire. However, if you require less heat you can switch to either one or three burner settings and reduce the flame width and heat output without completely sacrificing flame height.”


  • 5 tube burners for a robust and natural flame.
  • 4 flame settings to completely control heat, fuel consumption and flame appearance.
  • Higher flames even at lower heat settings.
  • Available for all 140 model fireplaces including: Modore, Bidore, Trisore and Lucius.

See it for yourself: the worlds first quad burner gas fireplace system.


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