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For years the technological evolution of fireplaces was stagnant and for good reason.  Nothing can completely replace the feeling of a wood-burning fireplace. However, in recent years, through innovation and advances in technology, we are coming closer than ever.

The Electric Modern line is committed to innovating the highest quality electric fireplaces with the most realistic flame effects on the market.

Scandinavian design and a modern electric fireplace.

Modern Electric Fireplaces: Clean Lines + Stunningly Natural Flame Effects + Install almost Anywhere


Why Choose an Electric Fireplace?

  • Flexibility & Safety – since venting isn’t necessary and heat is optional, you can install an electric fireplace almost anywhere in your home or commercial space.
  • Plug and Play – No running gas lines and no chopping logs, simply use the electricity already running through your space.
  • Ambiance & Comfort – Get a beautiful flame effect, with or without the heat, so you can enjoy the art of fire year-round.  

Whether you have a tiny house, high-rise condo or expansive hotel lobby, there is a modern electric fireplace perfect for any space.  

The E Series

E40 3-sided electric fireplace by Electric Modern

E40 by European Home: Three-Sided (Bay Style) Electric Fireplace

The E Series by Electric Modern takes everything that’s unique about our gas fireplace line, Element4, and electrifies it.  These built-in electric fireplaces feature clean, modern lines, trimless finishes and attention to detail and craft unheard of in the electric fireplace industry.  

E Series electric fireplaces come in multiple configurations including single-sided, 3-Sided (bay style), linear and even tall glass models.


The Suites Series

Compton 1000 electric fireplace suite by Electric Modern

Compton 1000 by European Home: 3-Sided Fireplace with a Contemporary Surround.  With Suites, it’s all included.  

With the Suites Series, you get the look and feel of a custom fireplace design with plug-and-play simplicity.  Customize your fireplace surround to fit in perfectly with the decor of your home. Surround finishes are available in White Stone and Black.


Wood + Flame Reimagined

Realistic logs and flame effect from an electric fireplace

Evoflame Technology combines with a highly detailed Woodland Log Set to create the most realistic electric flame effect imaginable.

European Home has developed the newest technology in electric fires to achieve a stunningly realistic flame effect while utilizing energy-efficient LED lighting. With Evoflame there is no need for gas lines or even venting. Electric Modern fireplaces are controlled by an app on your favorite device, offer optional heating for your home and add a clean and contemporary architectural element to any space.


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