What’s new this spring in fireplace design?  At European Home we believe we’ve captured the zeitgeist of contemporary fireplace design trends in 2019 with these 3 exciting new lines:

  • J Series M2: Stainless steel outdoor fireplaces with LED illumination.
  • The 240H Series: Taller, 22″, viewable openings on 8′ linear fireplaces.
  • The Summum Series: The most natural-looking gas flames you’ve ever seen.

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Introducing the New J Series M2 Outdoor Gas Fireplace Series
from European Home

Light up the night!  This sophisticated outdoor gas fireplace features LED interior lights and a robust linear flame.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to a chic outdoor cocktail party or a simple and cozy fire with family and friends.  No collecting wood or minding the fire, simply use the remote controls to ignite your flames, the multi-colored LED light display and enjoy the warmth and ambiance this outdoor gas fireplace provides.

  • The J Series M2 see-through outdoor gas fireplace is completely vent-free, offering you a greater flexibility for your outdoor patio design.
  • Made of durable and weather resistant stainless steel for years of well-crafted beauty.
  • Featuring a viewable opening of 60″ wide by 17-1/2″ tall.
  • Controlled via a remote control and/or a wall switch.

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New: J Series M2 Models

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Introducing the New 240H Series from Element4

5 years ago Element4 produced the 240 series.  At the time, it was one of the first 8′ wide linear gas fireplace lines available in the world.  They flew off the shelves and into expansive homes with open floor plans and into lobbies of chic hotels and restaurants.   Now they’ve upped the ante by creating the 240H line, featuring the same 8′ wide linear format while almost doubling the vertical viewing area to a staggering 22″.

Utilizing Multi Burner technology, the 240H series delivers over 7′ of uninterrupted linear flame and is now available in 4 bold configurations (see them all below).  If you have the space, the 240H series can bring the fire.

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Multi Burner

With three staggered burners you benefit from deeper, more robust, flames.  Getting a little too warm?  Simply switch off the burners to the left and the right to maintain tall beautiful flames for ambiance while cutting down your heat output and fuel consumption up to nearly 70%.

New: 240H Models

Single Sided: Modore 240H

Ultra wide liner gas fireplace with see-through configuration.

See-Through: Tenore 240H

Corner Style: Bidore 240H

8' wide peninsula style fireplace with a tall, 22", viewable opening.

3-Sided Peninsula: Lucius 240H

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Introducing the New Summum Series from Element4

There’s just something about a campfire.  It’s an invitation for stories, memories, music and shared warmth.  The new Summum Series captures that timeless campfire aesthetic and frames it in an elegant, modern design. 

Featuring the revolutionary Real Flame Burner (see below) no other gas fireplace even comes close.  In addition, this fireplace series delivers exactly the right ambiance as the flame height, temperature and an LED illuminated ember bed are all completely controllable via the included E-Save remote control or optional and intuitive ProControl App.

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Real Flame Burner

The Real Flame Burner provides the world’s most natural looking gas fire.  Featuring a special LED lighting effect which create ‘glowing embers’ and raised burners that wrap the tall flame around expertly crafted logs, it will have you convinced you just sparked up a real wood fire in your living room.

New: Summum Models

Viewable | 16″ x 26″

Modern gas fireplace with a tall opening and the most realistic gas flames on the market.

Single-Sided: Summum 70 F

Modern corner style fireplace that fits elegantly in any space.

Corner Style: Summum 70 C

3 sided modern gas fireplace with natural, beautiful flames

3 Sided Bay Style: Summum 70 3/S

Viewable | 21″ x 39″

Large opening modern gas fireplace with natural flames and log set.

Single-Sided: Summum 100 F

Tall opening corner fireplace with clean modern lines and the patented real flame burner.

Corner Style: Summum 100 C

Modern design interiors: 3 sided fireplace with natural log set and robust flames.

3 Sided Bay Style: Summum 100 3/S

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