Our History.

Holly and John Markham, owners of European Home

European Home was founded in 1999 by Holly and John Markham (above).


European Home’s history dates back to the 1990’s when Founder Holly Markham discovered her interest in European design while traveling throughout Europe and Scandinavia. She found it fascinating how architecture preserved the historic nature of the city on the outside, all the while, the interior spaces she encountered were completely renovated and modern. These early influences inspired her to start a business of her own.

Tell us a little about how you started the business?

I started the business back in 1999, after discovering my interest in European design.  While attending a trade show in London in 2002, I saw modern European fireplaces for the first time.  I literally got goosebumps on the trade show floor.  Good design moves you.

What is it about design that particularly excites you?

I find design to be emotional. Something visceral happens to you when you sit in a particularly well-crafted chair or hold the perfect hand-made coffee mug in your hands. I am largely self-taught in design so I feel fortunate to be a part of a thriving design community. We make exceptional products and then work with inspirational architects, builders and designers who use them to realize their overall aesthetic. It really is a wonderful feeling to be a part of a larger design-driven community.

Why are fireplaces still so relevant to interior design?

Fireplaces provide a gathering place and appeal to people because of their warmth and visual allure. They encourage conversation, relaxation, and it brings us back to our roots as people. There is simply an emotional and universal draw to fire.

This is truly a family-owned business. How do you and John compliment each other?

As I’ve said I am in love with design and beautiful products. However, I also get a lot of pleasure out of putting things in order- Accounting, administration… in a way these things are a lot like design.  All the little pieces have to come together to make a business work.

John is much more technically savvy. He has seemingly endless amounts of patience and is great at solving problems. Also, there’s nothing John wouldn’t do for this business and the people who work here.

I remember one time we had a young woman who was an administrative temp for us. She wanted to get her driver’s license but her whole family lived in China so she didn’t have an obvious teacher. In the middle of the work day and without hesitation, John grabbed his keys and away they went for her first driving lesson!

“We have a great group of people, who all breathe the same passion every day.”
-Holly Markham

Outstanding Women in Business Holly Markham of European Home

In 2018, Holly won the Family Business Association’s Outstanding Women in Business Award.  Read more about the award here.

Collaborations and Reviews.

“We love modern design and when researching fireplaces with sleek clean lines we felt like all the products offered by European Home really hit the nail on the head when it came to our taste. The hard part was picking one we liked, there were so many. It really puts a focus into the living room that it was missing before. Now we just can’t wait for the first winter’s night when we can really crank it!”

– Coco Rocha
Supermodel, Fashion Designer, Homeowner

Modern Ventless fireplace for Millennium Tower Boston

[On our Millennium Tower Boston colaboration]
“We had multiple design meetings with Holly and her to team to get the look we wanted and develop a custom burner that fit our needs – great flame but did not get too hot for our condominiums. We were able to swap the burner into different sized boxes to continue to develop a customized look for different unit owners.  The flexibility and willingness to work with us is why we would recommend this group and look forward to future projects.  We have been very happy with the success of the project and fireplaces.”

– Halle Auerbach

“I loved the clean modern look, the realistic fire and the high quality media. Most fireplaces look like the flames shoot straight up. Element4 fireplaces have very realistic looking burning flames, even in the linear format. I discovered them for their linear models but when it came time to build our Breckenridge house we wanted a more square shape but still wanted the nice tall flame and clean design.”

– Michael Stokes, Homeowner

“The fireplace adds so much warmth (in look AND feel), a sense of coziness and a nice focal point for the room. We wanted something that would look clean and beautiful. I will say this, once we had the beautiful fireplace we didn’t even want to LOOK at the TV anymore!”

– Claudia and Patrick, Homeowners

“We love the fireplace! Highly recommend. Everyone I talked with on the phone at European Home was so easy to work with. I got prices right off the bat, everyone was so accommodating and wanted to work with me. I told them what I wanted and they said, here’s how we can do it and here’s the product we think you need. Even just a few weeks ago I was having problems starting the remote from my iPad. I called and they walked me through it. Great customer service!”

– Cyndi Collins, Homeowner

“European Home has a fantastic selection of European inspired gas fireplaces. The frame-less glass is a look that architects, designers, and homeowners love. Holly and her team are a great resource. They know the product inside and out and can help with any design questions. We have a few in our showroom and they always gain the attention of people that walk through. Very impressive units and great customer service.”

– Patrick Ford
Fireplace Retailer: Anderson Fireplace

“Offers the highest quality, state of the art fireplaces that are a preferred brand of many contractors and architects that we work with. Professional staff members always willing to help and go above and beyond for us. We greatly treasure our business relationship with European Home!”

– Paul Ackert
Fireplace Retailer, Fairview Hearthside Distributors

As a professional commercial photographer working with European Home, I have had the unique opportunity to engage with almost ALL aspects of the European Home family, from those in the home office in marketing and customer service, to their dealers and all the way to their end user customers and I can tell you that not only are the employees a real pleasure to work with, but their dealers AND their customers LOVE them and speak very highly of the company as well as the actual fireplaces.

– Katie Hedrick
Professional Photographer, 3rd Eye Studios