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Where can I buy a European Home, Evonicfires or Focus Fireplace?

So that you may receive the best local service and support possible, we sell our products through a network of regional fireplace stores.

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I have nowhere to vent my fireplace, is there an alternative?

When venting is not an option but you still want a beautiful contemporary gas fireplace, the H Series vent-free fireplace is a great alternative. You get the the same clean lines and real natural gas flame without the need for a vent pipe.

The H Series is a linear, vent-free natural gas fireplace, that comes in a variety of sizes up to 72 inches wide. The H Series is available in multiple configurations including: single-sided, see-through, corner style, three-sided or peninsula style.

Room size must be considered before installing an H Series fireplace (see installation guide). Also, some locales do not allow for vent-free fireplaces, including Canada, New York City, Wisconsin, Minnesota and California. Please check with your builder, architect or inspector to ensure local code allows this type of fireplace.

For even more fireplace installation flexibility have you considered electric?  Electric fireplaces create beautifully realistic flame effects, require no venting, and are the most eco-friendly of all fireplace options.  If you’ve never considered an electric fireplace before check out Flamerite.

How safe is a vent-free gas fireplace?

Vent-Free appliances have been sold in the USA since the 1960s and have an exceptional safety record.

In fact, Vent-Free gas fireplaces represent the fastest-growing segment of the fireplace industry due to flexibility in installation. Each product must comply with stringent National Safety Standard called ANSI Z21.11.2b.

I have a pre-existing hearth/custom fireplace idea and I need a burner.  What are my options?

The G Series is a dual listed (vented or vent-free) burner that can be inserted into the hearth of your choosing.  It comes in 3 different sizes, 42”, 60” & 72”, much like the H Series, but without the box.

I live in a warm climate and I don’t want too much heat from my fireplace. What are my options?

A lot of heat from your fireplace may be unwanted when in a climate that is already hot to begin with.  That’s why the majority of our gas fireplace products have adjustable flames and heat outputs. In addition, all of our Element4 fireplaces have built-in thermostat settings, via remote control or the ProControl App.  This allows you to set the perfect room temperature and the fireplace will maintain that temperature by automatically modulating your flames.

If you’re looking for a fireplace with no heat output at all, an electric fireplace is the way to go.  Electric fireplaces produce beautiful flame effects and their heater function is completely optional.  If you’ve never considered an electric fireplace before check out Flamerite.

Can I place a TV, artwork, or other items above my fireplace?

For every European Home fireplace, we have a TV Above Fireplace Installation Guide. You’re certified hearth installer will take these guidelines into consideration during the installation of your fire.  However, it’s important to plan for this design element before installing your fireplace to ensure the safety of your electronics or art.

How can I get my fireplace serviced?

Being a gas appliance, we recommend an annual maintenance check with your dealer or a licensed professional to ensure peak performance from your fireplace. Do not hesitate to contact your dealer regarding to anything unusual with your fireplace.