2022 Press Kit


What We Offer

European Home is the exclusive North American importer for two major high-end fireplace brands: Focus and Flamerite, as well as manufacturing our own line made in the U.S..

European Home’s success is our adherence to the best customer service we can provide. We are happy to speak with dealers, architects, designers and, end-users alike in answering their questions and guiding them through the fireplace models we offer. Ideally finding the best fireplace for their design needs. We also have a well-versed technical department that offers troubleshooting help on the phone, through skype and even on-site. We provide AIA training for dealers we sell to and only choose those those who will provide support and maintenance to the buyer throughout the life of the fireplace.

The origin of Focus Fires dates back to 1967. It was cold in the south of France and Dominique Imbert was restoring a ruined farmhouse, stone by stone, in the village of Viols-le-Fort. With salvaged scraps of metal, the former humanities professor with a passion for metalwork, addressed this problem by forging his first fireplace. A smoldering smile of iron hanging from the sky: the first Focus was born. A year later, this first fireplace would give rise to a second, which was revolutionary in every sense of the word. As with its predecessor, the fireplace was suspended, but this time the hearth could pivot 360° to face any direction. Several enthusiastic friends wanted their own ‘rotating hearth’ – Gyrofocus in Latin. And thus began the history of Focus and its iconic Gyrofocus fireplace.

Founded in 1999 within the historic city of Lichfield, Flamerite continues a proud family tradition of crafting British-made electric fires.  With a rich history, Flamerite has earned multiple awards, both in the UK and internationally.  Their unwavering commitment is singular in nature: to manufacture high quality, innovative electric fireplaces in the UK, adhering to the utmost standards and distributing cutting edge technology that sets the benchmark for this industry.


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