Millennium Tower is the newest and tallest skyscraper on the Boston Skyline. A glass jewel in a city constructed of history and red bricks. Image retrieved from Back Bay Residential.  

In film they call this the establishing shot.  It effectively sets the scene within a context.  This is Boston, contemporary times.  You have seen this city in cinema before but this isn’t a gritty gangster film from the 1970s or a rom-com set in Fenway Park.  This isn’t a movie at all.  This is what it’s like to live in Boston today — at the top of the world.  

This is Millennium Tower.  

In high-rise condos such as this penthouse suite, a vent-free fireplace is your best and only option.  Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

59th Floor.  Penthouse.

Millennium Tower is, on its surface, a 684-foot residential skyscraper containing 442 units.  We could write for days about the architecture of this glass-clad skyscraper, the private dinners prepared by James Beard Award-winning chefs, or the Olympic-class fitness center.  However, at the end of the day, where is the home always made?  In between a handful of exterior walls, or in this case 10’ floor-to-ceiling windows 59 stories above Hawley Street.


Modern Single sided Gas fireplace

The H Series Millennium vent-free fireplace with reflective black enamel interior and Absolute Black granite surround. Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

Modern Linear Fireplace.

The penthouses feature H Series Millennium gas fireplaces by European Home.  This modern gas fireplace was engineered specifically for the style and comfort of Millennium Tower residents and the architecture of the building.  How do you pull off a linear fireplace at 600 feet you ask?  Simple, engineer a fireplace that burns so cleanly you remove the need for venting.

Holly Markham, founder of European Home, worked with Halle Auerbach and MP Boston to develop the perfect linear gas fireplace for these luxury living spaces.  We asked Halle about the collaboration and this is what she had to say:

“…The vent-free fireplace became a key component to our customization package and success in selling out the units.  A fireplace can complete a home but due to the nature of a high-rise residential tower and the size of the units, a typical ventless fireplace would produce way too much heat and not provide optimal comfort we needed for our luxury experience.

We had multiple design meetings with Holly and her to team to get the look we wanted and develop a custom burner that fit our needs – great flame but did not get too hot for our condominiums. We were able to swap the burner into different-sized boxes to continue to develop a customized look for different unit owners.  The flexibility and willingness to work with us is why we would recommend this group and look forward to future projects.  We have been very happy with the success of the project and fireplaces.”

“We had multiple design meetings with Holly and her to team to get the look we wanted and develop a custom burner that fit our needs.”

-Halle Auerbach, AIA LEED AP – MP Boston


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Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

The Kitchen.

Designed specifically for Millennium Tower by Christopher Peacock, this modern kitchen resides in the perfect Venn diagram center between form and function. 

Form:  Subtle material gestures like the 8″ wide Carlisle White Oak floor panels paired with the honed Calacatta Extra marble countertops and backsplash are not overpowered by excess or ornament.  

Function:  Large working spaces, beautiful lighting and a six-burner Wolf range combine to create the perfect space for your latest basil-infused foam experiment or grandma’s famous lasagna recipe.


Bathroom featuring Calacatta Gloria marble slab floor and a freestanding Stark tub by Duravit.  Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

Floor plan from the 59th Floor Penthouse.


Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

Take it In.  

It has been said that no work of art could ever compare to a great city.  Just imagine throwing open the balcony doors and greeting this view every morning.  The whole city is laid out in front of you: the Boston Common, the Charles River and America’s history written in cobblestone and urban bustle playing out, each and every day.  


Travel just one floor down and you can step into a completely different sort of space. Customization and resident input was key to the overall design of Millennium Tower. Photo courtesy of MP Boston.

58th Floor.  Penthouse.

One penthouse down, 441 units to go.  What’s amazing about Millennium Tower Boston is each interior is specially customized for its owner.  From the flooring to the fireplace surround these rooms tell a unique story about their inhabitants lives, written down in the universal language of design.  


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Thank you.

Halle Auerbach, AIA LEED AP, and everyone at MP Boston.

Bob Rizzo and all of our friends at American Propane for their amazing work installing and supporting our fireplaces.  This project would have been impossible without you.



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Cory Ploessl, Marketing Manager

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