For those with a passion for history and an eye for design, the St. Gregory Hotel in Washington D.C seamlessly combines the two. Sitting in a lively cultural scene in Dupont Circle, the hotel is within easy access to the city’s most iconic neighborhoods. You’ll find some of D.C’s finest art, best shopping, and dining choices all at your fingertips. And as for the design, the recently remodeled lobby will have you so cozy, you may never want to venture up to your room.

A view from the exterior of St. Gregory Hotel, Washington D.C.

This new design is a tasteful mixture of heritage and modern design elements. The designers at Billy Rooney Studios and Boxwood Architects worked together to create this space, selecting each detail with great consideration. In a room filled with modern, elegant design pieces, they knew that a dramatic focal point was necessary.  Since heritage design was in the architectural DNA of the area, they wanted to create a modern take on the colonial aesthetic, including a history of big iron fireplaces. They envisioned a contemporary fire element, with a bronze hood so dark and tall that could be seen from 360 degrees. However, if they were to put the fireplace in their ideal location, there would be no way to vent it properly.

H series, 3 sided fireplace, gas fireplace

The H Series fireplace by European Home: a 3-sided linear fireplace paired with a custom steel vent hood creates a stunning statement in the St. Gregory hotel lobby.

For commercial projects, choosing a fireplace that not only complements the design style but also meets the logistics of the space can be a challenge. Finding means to vent the fireplace, get power to it, and meet safety standards can be a potential roadblock for design teams who have limited experience working with gas fireplaces. Having a local hearth expert to guide you through and help solve these problems becomes essential. Luckily, Pam Fleming of Day or Night Home & Hearth had just the solution for them: the ventless H Series fireplace.

We sat down with Pam Fleming as well as the the Project Manager Jeffrey Finan, of Hitt Construction to learn a little more about the design and how they came to a solution for the perfect fireplace for the St. Gregory lobby redesign.

St Gregory Hotel Lobby featuring the H Series Fireplace

From the fireplace to the leather wall behind the check-in booth, every detail was carefully considered.

As project manager, Jeff worked directly with the owners of St. Gregory and the designers, acting as an intermediary. When it came time to choose a fireplace, his team contacted Pam at Day or Night Home & Hearth with some general requirements of what they were looking for. The proposed location for the hearth would be essentially in the middle of a staircase.  He knew that the most important thing to discuss was the infrastructure.  Does it have to be vented? How are we getting gas to it? How are we getting power to it? These were questions that Pam and her team were able to answer.

As you make your way past the lobby, you’re met by the gorgeous (and fully stocked) Tredici bar.

We asked Pam to tell us a little bit about their collaboration:

“The design team and owners of St. Gregory contacted us and were very interested in European Home’s product.  Being a multi-story high-rise building there was no possible way to vent the fireplace outside given its location in the floor plan. I did my research, and suggested to them that the H Series vent-free fireplace would be the perfect fit. We all got together to discuss the plans and they ended up very happy with this choice.”

restaurant inside the st gregory hotel

The hotel restaurant maintains the stylistic features of the lobby including the molded ceiling.  

We then asked Jeff:  From a Project Manager’s perspective, what do you think the design of this new lobby brings to the hotel?

I think the biggest difference is talking to some of the staff that have been working at the hotel for a long time, before the renovation started.  They truly appreciate the transformation.  They notice customers coming in and getting comfortable, really utilizing the space.  I talked to some of the people that have been working there for years, and you can really see their level of appreciation.”

Image of the St Gregory Hotel lobby before renovation

The St Gregory Hotel lobby entrance pre-renovation.

“The fireplace and vertical hearth act as a wayfinder, pulling your body naturally through the lobby so you can appreciate the space.  It grabs your attention as soon as you walk through the front doors.”

three sided linear gas fireplace in hotel

The fireplace and steel hearth greet you at the entrance and pull you through the lobby space.

“Day or Night was infinitely helpful.  We definitely could not have resolved a lot of things without their help.  I’m sure we would have come up with solutions, but definitely not as quickly as we did with Pam.”

– Jeff Finan, Hitt Construction


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