– A multicolored LED flame animation projected onto a mirrored background.
– The bed is clear with multicolored LED lights projected from underneath.
– On top of the bed is a decorative mixture of clear glass crystals, orange crystals, and black vermiculite.
– A small amount of vermiculite is also sprinkled across the front.
– Can connect to your device through Wifi.


– An LED flame animation projected onto a mirrored background.
– There are lights projected down from the top of the unit to further illuminate the logs.
– The bed is made of chrome with vermiculite glued to it. This surface reflects the flickering lights to give the illusion that it is coming from under the logs.
– Compton and E Series models can connect to your device through Bluetooth.
– Each unit has a heater with an adjustable thermostat.


UltraHD has all of the features of Evoflame Technology plus:

– Models have an anti-reflective glass front.
– Along the front is a flickering light that is projected across the logs.
– This surface is 70% less reflective and gives the illusion that there is no front glass.


All E Series and Halo electric fireplaces ship as a 3-Sided model with a conversion kit to easily transform it into a Corner Style or Single-Sided unit.

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Evonic Fireplaces


The Cutting Edge

All the fires flame pictures are created using low energy LED’s, the latest award-winning LED effect evoflame® The appliances are operated by various control systems such as the unique e-touch® controller or the fully-functioning downloadable APP direct from your phone or tablet, this allows you complete control of the fire with a multitude of functions including the ability to dim the flame effect, turn the heat on and off with the digital thermostat and even program your fire to turn on and off with the 7-day timer.