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suspended woodburning fireplace

Bateman’s Row: Concrete, Glass and a Suspended Steel Fireplace

Theis and Khan is a London-based architecture group that designs everything from churches to shops, art galleries to health centers, offices to housing developments and more. One of their recent works was an expansive mixed-use building: 3 floors of commercial space with 4 residential units above. As it turns out, the exacting clients for this […]

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A living history.

From left to right: Dominique Imbert (Focus Founder) + The first Gyrofocus Install (1968) + Modern Fabrication in France

The origin of Focus Fires dates back to 1967. It was cold in the south of France and Dominique Imbert was restoring a ruined farmhouse, stone by stone, in the village of Viols-le-Fort. With salvaged scraps of metal, the former humanities professor, with a passion for metalwork, addressed this problem by forging his first fireplace. A smoldering smile of iron hanging from the sky: the first Focus was born. A year later, this first fireplace would give rise to a second, which was revolutionary in every sense of the word. As with its predecessor, the fireplace was suspended, but this time the hearth could pivot 360° to face any direction. Several enthusiastic friends wanted their own ‘rotating hearth’ – gyrofocus in Latin. And thus began the history of Focus and its iconic Gyrofocus fireplace.

Retail prices starting at $9,800 and vary depending on model.

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