How do I become a European Home dealer?

European Home works with an expansive list of knowledgeable dealers throughout North America. We take pride in making sure our dealers are properly trained and supported. If you are interested, please call to discuss the opportunity of becoming a dealer in your area or fill out our online dealer form today.


Are sales and technical training available for our staff?

Yes! We highly encourage our dealers to participate in our training. Please contact us to schedule a training session with our Sales Specialist, Kevin Simpson.

How can I get brochures?

Please submit requests to or request by phone.

Where can I sell?

We ask that you sell in your immediate area only.  While population density can change the size of a sales area, we generally consider ‘your area’ to be within 30-45 minutes of your store.  Any sales inquiries from outside of this designated area should be referred to European Home.  We do this to protect all our dealers and ensure timely support of our fireplaces.  

What is my responsibility for units I sell?

Dealers are responsible for technical oversight and support both pre and post sale. If a dealer is not installing the unit, the dealer is responsible for answering any questions from the builder, installer or customer.

How can I find out if a fireplace is in stock?

Displaying dealers receive a full fireplace inventory each Friday. If you are not a displaying dealer, please call us directly for inventory availability.

Where can I find fireplace technical information?

Technical details, including planning dimensions, CAD files and full installation manuals, can be found on our Technical Files page.

Can any fire media be used?

Only fire media that has been tested and approved can be used within our fireplaces. Available media is shown under the FIRE MEDIA” heading included on each fireplace (model) web page, as well as on our price lists.

What happened to the MKII models?

In 2016 Element4 fireplaces went under a considerable re-design and improvement process. Those models that were updated were temporarily given the designation of MKII as we transitioned away from ‘standard’ models.  Over time these improvements became our standard, so we have since dropped the MKII title.

Can a quote be provided?

We will only provide quotes on special orders or large orders. Pricing can be determined by referencing our price lists.  

*We now have an online quoting tool for dealers.

Dealer Login

How are orders placed?

Once your account is active, orders should be submitted to and part numbers (found on price lists) must be used to minimize mistakes. The orders department will send a sales order confirmation within 48 hours of receiving the order.

What is normal turnaround time for orders to ship?

For in stock units, shipping usually occurs approximately three days after payment is received (if pre-pay customer) or if customer is on terms. The orders department will inform the dealer when sale order confirmation is sent.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment by check is preferred. It can be faxed, or scanned and emailed in without the need for mailing an original copy.  Please send scanned checks to:

Credit card is accepted but subject to a 3% processing fee. ACH payment is also possible. Please contact us for more details.

How much is shipping?

The shipping cost is determined at the time of shipping.

If you need a shipping quote prior to placing an order, please

Contact Us

How are warranties processed?

A tech case must be opened and discussed with our tech team for any warranty consideration. Parts should not be returned without prior authorization. Please contact our technical team for additional information.