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E-Save Remote System (Standard)

The new 10-button E-Save remote for Element4 fireplaces offers amazing features wrapped up in an easy to use remote control.


  1. Child Proof Settings:  Safety feature to limit access to your fire.
  2. Time:  Sync with your local clock to work in tandem with timed program modes.
  3. Thermostatic Mode:  Set your remote to the perfect room temperature and let the flames do the rest.
  4. E-Save (Eco Mode):  Program your fireplace to automatically modulate flame height, mimicking the natural burning of fire and saving up to 45% in fuel consumption when compared to the highest flame setting.
  5. Auxiliary Feature:  Ignite one central burner to limit heat output while maintaining an impressive flame.  Alternatively, fire up all burners for added warmth and visual drama.*
  6. Temperature:  Your remote acts as a thermometer measuring the room temperature around it.
  7. Program Mode:  Program your fire to go on and off at specific times of the day.
  8. Countdown Timer:  Set your fire to burn for a specific amount of time (maximum of 9 hours & 50 minutes).
  9. Fan: This button does not currently apply to the Element4 models.
  10. LED lights: Controls the LED lights on the Summum models.

*Not all Element4 models come with multi-burner technology.

App Control (Optional)

ProControl App by Element4: See it in action:

You can now download the ProControl App to your smartphone or tablet and operate up to eight Element4 fireplaces with one elegant and easy to use interface.

Download the App Today!  Apple (iOS) and Android compatible.
(Note: Your Element4 fireplace must be Wi-Fi enabled to be compatible with the ProControl App.)


  • Enjoy all the features of the E-Save Remote System plus added functionality and data.
  • Save personalized user profiles and get your perfect fire instantly with a swipe and a tap.
  • View your exact fuel savings when you flip through different Eco Modes.  
  • The ProControl App is easy and fun to use with an intuitive graphic display.

Puck (Optional)

Wall control unit for Element4 modern fireplaces

Simple in form and function, the new Puck controls basic functions including turning the fire on and off and adjusting the flame height. The Puck features blue back-lit buttons, is equipped with temperature sensing capabilities and can be used in addition to the ProContol App.

Home Automation Cable (Optional)



The Home Automation Cable is for those who already have a home automation system installed. Once you connect your Element4 fireplace to your system, you’ll be able to turn your fireplace on or off from your home’s centralized control center. The installation is simple and you’ll rest assured that your entire smart home, even your fireplace, is connected.