Designer Interiors

European Home offers Designer Interiors to suit any design style – the choice is completely up to you.

Anthracite (Standard with all Models)

Black Reflective Glass (Optional)

Concrete Style (Optional)Club Series: Concrete style interior panels available for modern gas fireplaces.

InvisiMesh Screen

With the open hearth of a vent-free fireplace, you may decide you want a safety screen to keep children and pets safe. With the new InvisiMesh screen material you get the benefits of a safety barrier, while still enjoying an uninterrupted, clear view of your flames.


  • Installs securely in minutes via rare-earth magnets
  • Easy to remove
  • Near-invisible protection
  • No added bulk or extra electricity required
  • InvisiMesh screens come standard for all Element4 fireplaces except 240H models
Invisimesh Screens for modern fireplaces

G Series Burner Covers


The G Series is available in 3 sizes as a drop-in burner. The optional cover is useful for floor-level installation because it hides away the controls and burner structure to provide a clean, modern aesthetic.