Can the fireplaces have a gas burner added?

All North American Focus fireplaces are approved as wood burning units, however, wall-mounted and pedestal units can have an approved gas burner added.

A suspended model is now available: The Gyrofocus Gas.

Who should install the fireplace?

A qualified Fireplace professional who knows the standards and regulations.  Some builders are knowledgeable with fireplace installations, but make sure you talk to them before going through with the install.

Are the fireplaces efficient for heating?

Yes. Focus fireplaces are designed to radiate and diffuse heat. Their efficiency rating is between 45% and 80% with the use of high quality wood.

Can you burn yourself?

A stove or a metal fireplace can reach high temperatures when a fire is burning and should not be touched with bare hands. It is not advisable for children or at-risk individuals to be left alone in a room with a lit fireplace.

Do the glass panels get dirty?

The pyroceramic glass panels on certain Focus models resist very high temperatures. As with any glass, it is necessary to clean it regularly. The frequency depends on ventilation, quality of wood, moisture in wood, etc. Burn one or two hot fires prior to cleaning the glass to loosen baked on soot and dirt and allow for easier cleaning. Allow glass to cool before touching it.

Which is the best wood to use?

Different types of wood have different calorific values and they do not all burn in the same way. It is preferable to use hard woods such as oak, birch, beech, ash, etc.

What moisture content is recommended for the firewood?

For the optimal performance of your fireplace, it is essential to burn dry wood. The maximum moisture content for a log ready to burn is 20%.

Are the built-in fireplaces a fire risk?

Definitely not!  But it is highly recommended that you carefully follow the installation instructions.

When should the chimney be swept?

We recommend chimney sweeping once a year prior to the first burn of the season.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, all Focus fireplaces are guaranteed against any defect in design or construction, and guaranteed to function properly for 5 years from date of order. Guarantees are only applicable if the fireplaces are installed with respect to all local building codes (accidental damages are not included).

What fuel is available?

Focus fireplaces are certified for wood.  As mentioned above, a gas option is available for wall-mounted, pedestal models and the Gyrofocus Gas. Customers may choose to source their own bio-ethanol burner.