Now the iconic Gyrofocus has evolved again to become a groundbreaking design in modern fireplaces. Until now suspended fireplaces could not be set up for gas but the engineers at Focus developed a way without losing any original design elements.

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Gyrofocus Gas Indoor Information Sheet

Focus has created an innovative system for supplying the gas burner through the chimney flue allowing the legendary fireplace to be supplied with a natural gas or propane burner. The odorless, gas technology is comfortable, safe, and practical for a clean-burning fire. A battery backup system allows the fireplace to operate in the case of a power outage.

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Fireplace Features
– Rotation 100 degrees for optimal warmth and radiance in your space.
– Available for use with natural gas or liquid propane.
– Complies with environmental standards with zero particulate emissions.
– Certified to ANSI Z21.50/CAS 2.22 Vented decorative gas appliances
– Can be installed in all projects, including homes, apartments, and reception areas of large hotels and restaurants.
– As there are no embers or projecting sparks there is no need for a protective plate under the fireplace.
– Remote control comes standard providing electric ignition and flame adjustment.
– Available in Black or White finish.

Retail price starting at: $28,875 (Black) or $31,475 (White)
24 – 28 week lead time.

Install Manual     CAD and 3D Files