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The Single-Sided Tyrell’s large size, 23 1/4” high by 31 1/2” wide, gives the look of a standard-sized fireplace. But it has a little extra as this fireplace can be paired with an App and even Amazon Alexa. This model is also available in Corner Style and 3-Sided.

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Tyrell Information Sheet

Featuring the latest varicolored LED technology, our Halo models come with a choice of 6 unique & vibrant flame displays to select from, giving users the opportunity to select their desired flame effect to suit the mood or occasion. By utilizing the e-smart app, you can also adjust temperature settings, turn your feature lighting off or on, and even choose the desired speed of your lighting effect all at the touch of a button.

Fireplace features
– RGB driven LED technology
– Simple setup process that pairs your fireplace to your home router
– Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
– Choice of 6 pre-set flame displays
– Control brightness, flame speed, and temperature
– 1,500W (5,115 BTU/hr) heat output
– SCHOTT CONTURAN MAGIC® Anti-reflective front glass
– Remote, E-touch Cloud App Wifi Enabled, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
– Bespoke fuel bed – amber and clear glass clippings
– Independent fuel bed settings
– Overbed illumination

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  • A multicolored LED flame animation projected onto a mirrored background.
  • The bed is clear with multicolored LED lights projected from underneath.
  • On top of the bed is a decorative mixture of clear glass crystals, orange crystals, and black vermiculite.
  • A small amount of vermiculite is also sprinkled across the front.
  • Can connect to your device through Wifi.

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All E Series and Halo electric fireplaces ship as a 3-Sided model with a conversion kit to easily transform it into a Corner Style or Single-Sided unit.

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Electric Conversion Instructions

Flame Effect
Powered by Electricity
Heat Output
1,500W (5,115 BTU/hr)
Power Supply
15 Amp, 120 Volt Circuit
Viewable Opening
31 1/2" W x 23 1/4" H
Mirrored Glass
Remote Control
Remote, E-touch Cloud App Wifi Enabled, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
SCHOTT CONTURAN MAGIC® Anti-reflective front glass
UL E54813, UL E228455, UL E140692