European Home was shown an exceptional space designed by Dallas, TX based SWOON. With the help of Chad Dorsey Design and builders Gordan Highlander, they utilized the H Series 42” 3-Sided model in one of their designs. This ventless fireplace’s minimalist, modern look allows for a wide range of styles.

We had a chance to speak with the designers at SWOON to get their take on this modern Condo renovation.

European Home: Tell us a little about SWOON.

SWOON: SWOON, the studio is a multi‑disciplinary design firm specializing in luxury branding, interior design, and art direction.

Led by founder Samantha Sano and partner Joslyn Taylor, the studio is home to an intrepid crew of designers, artists, writers, makers, editors, illustrators, photographers, and product designers. The diverse creative background of the team allows SWOON to approach projects holistically and create work that is soulful, compelling, and memorable. From retail and residential to hospitality and cultural organizations, they dream, create, and collaborate with clients seeking a fresh perspective, unbounded creativity, and impeccable execution.

Samantha Sano and Joslyn Taylor

European Home: What interior design or architectural styles inspire you?

SWOON: We are inspired by all types of design. For this particular project, a combination of Scandinavian and Japanese modern design informed the aesthetic.

European Home: How did you hear about European Home?

SWOON: We were introduced to European Home by Chad Dorsey Design.

Chad Dorsey is a designer who creates refined interiors that balance tailored style with the spirit of modern living.

European Home: Our H Series vent free fireplace is a central part of this design. Can you talk about what drew you to this model?

SWOON: The South Tower at The Residence at W Dallas-Victory in Dallas are in a tower with limitations on ventilation since this was a remodel verses a new build. The H series provided the flexible opportunity to fit in to the existing design without a lot of extra coordination to get venting provided.

The Residence at W Dallas-Victory in Dallas, TX

Consisting of two towers, the Residence at W Dallas-Victory are a luxury hotel and condos that offer outstanding views, unparalleled architecture, and upscale living.

European Home: What was the inspiration behind the living space?

SWOON: The design was inspired by a modern aesthetic with an emphasis on honesty of materials. The celebration of natural woods, travertine stone, hand formed Zellige tile and hand applied plaster were highlighted as the architectural features in the space to create a warm, wabi sabi design.

“Wabi” stands for “rustic simplicity” or “understated elegance” in Japanese, while “sabi” interprets as “enjoying the imperfect”. This is a Japanese philosophy that has been around since the 15th century.

European Home: How does the lighting fit in?

SWOON: To further the narrative of the honesty in materials, the sconces on either side of the fireplace are artisan made with brass and horsehair. The warmth in the tones of the finishes as well as the over-scaled proportion of these sconces enhance the minimalist design.

Wall Sconce

European Home: Are there any little details or design attention that you’re particularly proud of in this room that maybe someone wouldn’t get from a photograph?

SWOON: We really took pride in selecting natural materials to create a more timeless look. We hope that the natural materials help make the space approachable and not precious so that the residents can live comfortably in the space and the patina that is created over time will only enhance the design.

Zellige tile covers a full wall.

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