It’s where you start and end your days, where you relax and unwind, and where you want to surround yourself with a feeling of calm and quiet. The bedroom is such a haven in our lives, so how we design it plays a big role in how we shake off the day or invigorate a new one. Create more warmth and ambiance by adding one of our contemporary European Home fireplaces in your bedroom.

Let your design ideas drive your decision


Before you even start your online search or go to a local showroom, spend some time thinking about the design of your room and how the fireplace fits into it. Put some thought into both what you want and what you need—the style plus the practicality. Will you want to put a TV above the fireplace? Or hang some artwork? Or should it accentuate a window nook? When you begin to shop around for fireplace design, start with an idea of the kind of space you want to create. Bring some magazine clips or take photos of your space to reimagine how a fireplace can transform your bedroom. Your design ideas can help narrow down how you choose the type, size, and styles of your fireplace.

What to consider beyond aesthetics

Before you commit to adding a modern fireplace where you lay your head, there are a few big decisions that will help you choose the right type of fireplace. First, since different states have specific regulations, make sure you research your local building codes regarding fireplaces in the bedrooms. Next, think about your options for location. Then, decide on the right size for your space. And finally, consider how much heat you may be looking for your fireplace to give off. These three things can be related.


When it comes to location, unlike traditional fireplaces that may go in a living room or great room, a more modern bedroom fireplace can be mounted off the floor and sit at a higher level that’s visible from your bed. So factor in how to position it around windows and furnishings in your bedroom.

See-Through fireplaces like the Sky L T are a great way to divide a space.

Consider what your wall space is like to determine the best size. Electric and direct-vent fireplaces can come in a variety of sizes. The most traditional size is 32 to 40 inches but if you have a 15-foot bare wall, you could size up to fill the space if it doesn’t overwhelm the room. Think of it the way you chose a flat screen TV. You want it big enough to see but not so big that it dominates everything else in the room.  Finally, the room size can also dictate how much heat you’ll want a fireplace to give off. A large display might look amazing but if the heat factor makes the sleeping temperature uncomfortable, you may want to go smaller.

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Direct-vent vs. Electric

Lucius 140 Room Divider by Element4

There are two main types of fireplaces you might consider for your bedroom: direct-vent and electric. An electric fireplace provides the least amount of worry and design versatility. Electrics come with LED lighting that offer a variety of color presets you can select by remote control. Many electric fireplaces have lighting features that can be themed by season. Have a favorite color? Set your lights to that violet hue that matches your bedspread. Want to dial up the holiday mood? Change the theme to red and green flames.


The most sought after feature though is simply realistic looking flames. For an authentic appearance, choose a fireplace made with cutting edge technology. For instance, Evonic Fireplaces have one of the most realistic electric flame effects, flickering in just the right yellow-orange tones and waves of impeccably simulated blazes.

The Compton 2 by Evonic makes a big impression in a smaller space.

Electric fireplaces can also add to your ambiance since you can customize the media surrounding your ceramic log set. Want beachy? Add in some beach glass and seashells. Other ideas for outdoorsy accents? Place some small river stones or pebbles around the log set.


Beyond aesthetics, electric and direct-vents differ in heat range. Direct-vent fireplaces produce more heat so you can choose options from 20,000 to 90,000 BTUs. Because of the amount of heat that direct-vent fireplaces give off, they also require framing materials like metal studs and noncombustible Hardie® Backer cement boards that can handle the temperatures and can be more expensive to install.


The E Series 72″ electric fireplace by Evonic is a perfect model for filling a large space without creating too much heat.

Lasting benefits

 Whether you go with an electric fireplace or want a second source of heat for your bedroom with a direct-vent type, some benefits apply to both. A fireplace adds value to any home as a feature that elevates charm and style. Creating warm spaces, fireplaces also tend to be gathering spots—whether for a reading nook or a place for you and a loved one to snuggle around on a cool night. Got a pet in your home? Cats and dogs love cuddling up in front of the hearth, too.


Ready to start selecting the perfect fireplace for your bedroom? Get your design ideas together and contact us if you need any more guidance. We’re happy to help or put you in touch with a local dealer.

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Story by: Annaliza Nieve

Annaliza is a Creative Director/ Copywriter living on the seacoast of Massachusetts. An avid four-season hiker, she appreciates a great campfire and enjoys writing about how to bring back this cozy ambiance indoors. She has been writing for a variety of lifestyle brands for more than 20 years.

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