There has been something of an industrial design Renaissance happening in the rust belt and across the nation.  Recently, we discovered an old Buggy Works factory in Ohio that has been re-purposed and remodeled into modern condominiums. The residents here have embraced the historic nature of this old factory, while adding their own modern touches along the way.  

First, a bit of history about the factory.

The old Buggy Works Factory in the early 1900’s.

In 1904, the Columbus Buggy Company opened a new plant to accommodate for its growth. With the introduction of the automobile, buggy and carriage manufacturers faced serious competition. They began to produce automobiles, both electric and gas powered. Unfortunately, these changes weren’t enough as the company shut down in 1913 after going bankrupt.

After many years of vacancy, this warehouse has now been renovated into 68 urban lofts. The historic aspect combined with the modern sophistication create the foundation of a unique urban village, just steps away from all the city’s cultural and entertainment options.

The newly remodeled Buggy Works Factory, that is now used as condominiums.

We sat down with one of the condo owners, Cyndi Collins, to talk about industrial modern design and the new Lucius 140, peninsula fireplace on which her entire design centers.

What first inspired the design for this space?

The overall design of the building was really what inspired us.  The exposed brick, the wood beams… it already had such a rustic and unique look.

The Lucius 140 is the focal point of this industrial modern space.

Tell us about the fabrication of the fireplace hearth.

We worked with a really skilled metal fabricator — Fortin Ironworks. We have worked with them for years and years now.  They do great ironwork and are very old school in their approach.  The best part is, they truly love doing what they do.  We actually had the fireplace shipped right to them so they could custom-create the hearth for us.

A lot of the original industrial details from this space are still present and some new elements are added, such as that I-beam hearth. Why was it important for you to keep this industrial aesthetic?

The building itself is what we originally fell in love with. It was so unique and we wanted to bring out its inner character. I’d say in general, I gravitate to more imaginative spaces.

“We use this space for everything- Living room, dining room, reading room. It’s our favorite place to be.”

What is your favorite design piece of the room?

I would say the fireplace.  I did a lot of searching to find the perfect fireplace. I started looking at 4-sided, peninsulas, room dividers… I can’t tell you how many hours I spent.  It became my project every night before bed.  I wanted it to be the heart of the home. 

The Grey Stones fire media complement the textures of the brick wall throughout the space.

This is truly a beautiful space, thank you so much for your time.

You’re welcome!  I just love how you can move around the space and still see the Lucius from everywhere since it is so wide open.  We’re all really happy with it.  Our favorite thing to do as a family on a cold day is light up our fireplace and all huddle around.



All photography by John Evans

Thank you to our friends at Mid Ohio Hearth Products, of Columbus, OH for this beautiful installation.


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