As Katie Jaydan of White Crane Construction says, it’s not everyday you get a call from the Wall Street Journal wanting an interview. They saw an image of this Minneapolis loft on Houzz, and like us, wanted to know more about this unique industrial design. From the brick wall, neutral color palettes, dim lighting, and stunning peninsula fireplace in the middle of it all, every detail was carefully selected. All Seasons Fireplace had the opportunity to sit down for a short interview with Katie to get the inside scoop on the inspiration for this loft.

Katie Jaydan, Senior Designer at White Crane, and the mastermind behind the design of this Minneapolis couple’s loft.

Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you do for White Crane?

I am a senior designer and director of sales & design. I have been a nationally certified designer for 16 years working primarily in residential.

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This North Loop loft project and the Lucius 140 fireplace drew a lot of attention, didn’t it?

“Yes, it isn’t every day that I get a call from  The Wall Street Journal wanting an interview with us.”

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Tell me about the project, what was the biggest challenge?

The client wanted to be able to view the fireplace from all areas of the loft which resulted in a massive support wall forming a peninsula between the dining and living areas. We involved a structural engineer to plan the wall structure needed to support the fireplace and the heavy metallic wall tiles selected.  The fireplace needed to be big and the flames needed to be substantial.  We chose the Element4 Lucius 140 and the client is very happy with it.


From brick to wood, to steel, to tile:  the materials in this project create both harmony and an interesting contrast all at once.

What did you enjoy most about this project?

The couple was super creative and involved.  They knew what they wanted-they described it as “industrial yet earthy” We played off the existing exposed brick, exposed duct work and steel which already gave the industrial look. We added elements of wood, glass and stone to balance the industrial with the earthy feel they desired.

The challenge in any project is to balance the aesthetic and the function and because we are a design/build company we understand both aspects of the process.

“A home is a very special place for people; a home is a place where we should find safety, respite and peace. We help our clients find that harmony within their homes.” -Katie Raydan


Wall Street Journal Feature

This interview was originally posted by All Seasons Fireplace of St Louis Park, MN

Interview conducted by Bonnie Hancock.

Fireplace photography by Jill Greer

Special thank you to White Crane Construction, especially Katie Jayden for her contribution.

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