Homeownership went through a transition phase during the COVID pandemic and continues today; whether it be for economic or personal reasons, many are choosing to stay where they are and modify their current domicile to today’s standards. Such standards come with their own list of requirements, the main one being the overall look of a room. Nothing makes a room pop more than a fireplace.

We’re not talking the old wood-burning, soot-producing kind; the times have clamored for more efficient and practical models. Electric fireplaces of the past were nothing more than some fake logs, some incandescent bulbs, and reflective foil to replicate flames. Today, electric fireplaces have gone way beyond that.

With an impressive build like the one above it’s hard to tell this E-FX 1300 by Flamerite is an electric fireplace.

We’re not talking the old wood-burning, soot-producing kind

E-FX Flame technology, developed by Flamerite in the UK, utilize a combination of modern advances that takes everything one knows about a fireplace and throws it out the window. LED technology is used to produce a realistic flame. Realistic hand finished logs can give an inner ember glow, so you can see into the heart of the fire.

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The ability to control the fireplace is important. The Flamerite fireplaces have an included wireless remote and App that is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa: with the ability to change flame, log, and ember bed colors, it provides the right flame for your needs.

Want to turn down the heat? No problem. Want to have the fireplace on when you get home from work? Sure. Models such as the Milan, Capella, Europa, and Elara suites allow apartment and condo residents to enjoy the look of a contemporary fireplace with simple installation.

A driving force that has propelled the demand for electric fireplaces is sustainability: Net Zero homes. They are built to be beneficial to the homeowner, safe for the environment, and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. Electric fireplaces are meant to complement most aspects of a Net Zero home, such as being energy efficient, cost effective, and, most important, dramatic in design.

Flamerite fireplaces connects to your device with the free App. Control every aspect of your fireplace with ease. Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

A driving force that has propelled the demand for electric fireplaces is sustainability.

Flamerite fireplaces can produce supplimental heat for between 200-300 square feet. Homeowners can achieve a personal comfort level and know that running an electric fireplace is a wise economical decision.

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Milan Suite by Flamerite

The Milan Suite hangs on the wall for quick and easy installation.

Flamerite electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere within the house, from bedrooms to basements, kitchens to playrooms. With no venting required, this means not only homes can benefit, but businesses like restaurants, hospitals, and office buildings can take part in creating a welcome and comforting appearance.

With the proper wall space and electric hookup, you can be comfortable and mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of these built-in fireplaces. From designer surrounds, to two and three-sided models with a stone hearth, evolving fireplace technology has brought not only the element of fire into a home, but the element of a safe and dramatic design.

Multi Colored Flames, Glowing Logs, and Smoldering Embers are all possible and more!

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Story by: Yvette Ciancio

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