If you’re thinking about adding a fire pit to your outdoor patio, garden, or pool area, we have a solution that combines the coziness of a gathering around a fire with an elegance that can match your modern decor. Introducing the Bubble® wood-burning fire pit––a stunning matte-black statement piece for your terrace or patio. This outdoor fire pit is not only made for creating warmth and taking the chill off of a crisp evening but it’s designed to weather the elements year-round while maintaining its eye-catching design. Measuring 70 centimeters or 27.5 inches in diameter and constructed of high quality, three-millimeter-thick steel to withstand heat up to 750 degrees, the Bubble is as solid as it is beautiful. Its visual appeal has garnered attention from the industry’s best, recently awarded gold for “Excellent Product Design” in the 2022 German Design Awards’ “Gardening and Outdoor Living” category.

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Classic as well as contemporary

Designer Christophe Ployé

Designed in France by Christophe Ployé, Design Manager of Focus, the Bubble’s uncomplicated expression reflects the timeless grace the trend-bucking company has created for more than 50 years. Its clear and bold geometric design nods to the roundness of a planet or an alphabet, an organic form harkening back to childhood. Aesthetics aside, many thoughtful features of the brazier are also worthy of admiration.

Some highlight features include:

  • To protect a burning fire from wind, the top of the bowl is sliced at an incline to allow the “back” to rise higher above the flames without blocking airflow.
  • For ease of mobility, the bottom of the sphere is flat and has two rear caster wheels that help it glide across an outdoor surface.
  • The interior contains a fitted, removable bowl for quick maintenance and cleaning, keeping the burning wood closer to the surface despite the appearance of the bowl’s cavernous depth.
  • A steel cover is included to fit over the bowl to protect it from rain or other elements.
  • The heavy-duty steel is coated with a matte, anti-corrosion finish to withstand outdoor conditions so you can enjoy it for many seasons.

When asked about what the design is meant to achieve, Christophe says,

“Our sole mission is to give pleasure to the user—to bring people together and soothe their souls.”

Sophisticated simplicity

In fact, the Bubble’s design created quite an impression on Hillary Farr, internationally renowned designer and co-host of HGTV’s “Love It or List It” television show. She was particularly taken by how the minimalist Bubble was so easy to use. Within moments of unwrapping the product, Hillary noted about the removable basin:

“Look how shallow it is. It looks like it’s this great big thing full of wood, but it’s not…I was never a girl guide (the equivalent of a Girl Scout in the U.S.) But in a flash, I can make this happen!”

European Home owners John and Holly Markham visit Hilary at her home.

When you’re ready to elevate your home’s outdoor social space, explore the beauty and practicality of the contemporary, wood-burning Bubble. Want to learn more? Contact us below to learn more about it or locate a retailer near you.

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Story by: Annaliza Nieve

Annaliza is a Creative Director/ Copywriter living on the seacoast of Massachusetts. An avid four-season hiker, she appreciates a great campfire and enjoys writing about how to bring back this cozy ambiance indoors. She has been writing for a variety of lifestyle brands for more than 20 years.

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