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The G Series linear NG burner – dual listed, vented and vent-free.

Looking for a custom design? The G Series linear gas burner provides you with a simple way to achieve the look of a custom fireplace but with the simplicity of an approved dual-listed vented and vent-free NG burner. This burner is used in an existing fireplace or in custom-built fireplaces.

G Series burners are available in 3 sizes (42″, 60″ and 72″) as drop-in customizable units or with the optional cover (as seen in the Accessories section below). The optional cover is useful for floor-level installation as it hides away the controls and burner parts to give a clean, modern look.

Click below for a PDF listing specifications, information, and accessories.

G Series Information Sheet

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Fire media.


Custom Fireplace Burner
Optional Burner Cover

G Series: Customizable Burner System in the wild.

Contemporary Linear Burner for Custom Installs

Natural Gas Burners: A Custom Designed Fireplace without the Custom Design Price Tag

Dream of an island fireplace that will warm up the whole room? Or a corner fireplace to create an interesting modern look that opens up your space? The G Series dual listed burner is tested and approved as a vented or vent free burner. The beauty of a natural gas fireplace is with the push […]

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Gas Type
Natural Gas
Heat Output (Natural Gas)
25,000 - 37,500 BTU/hr
Heat Output (LPG)
Burner Size
39" / 60" / 72" W x 16-1/4" D x 5-3/16" H
Cover Size
39" / 60" / 72" W x 16-1/4" D x 5-5/16" H
Listed for Vented or Vent-Free Applications
Flame Adjustment
Remote Control
Electronic Ignition
ANSI Z21.11.2 / ANSI Z.21.60 / CSA 2.26
MA Approval Code