European Home Efficiency

Many of our fireplaces are designed with a high turndown ratio. The vast difference between the high and low settings allow you the best of both worlds: a roaring fire, or a more intimate flame. Here is a rundown of why each of our lines is an industry-leader for fuel efficiency.

European Home (Vent-Free): 99+% efficient
Being vent-free, these fireplaces keep all of the heat within the room.

Element4 (Direct Vent): Up to 85% efficient depending on model.
Direct vent fireplaces are not only highly efficient but they also pull in outdoor air for combustion so you are not heating up pre-conditioned room air with your fireplace. Utilize Element4’s E-Save setting to automatically modulate your flames and enjoy additional fuel savings.

Focus (Natural Vent): Up to 74% efficient depending on model.
Not only are Focus suspended fireplaces visually stunning, but because the unit is suspended in-the-round, heat is radiated throughout the room in 360 degrees instead of being lost in the chase of a wall.  This makes them considerably more efficient than traditional wood-burning fireplaces.